Purpose For Being

by Young Che on January 29, 2008

There are times in life when we have to make the kind of decisions that have major implications on our future existence. The decisions that we make today can hold the keys to a lifetime of happiness or a lifetime of regret. One of the decisions that can have the single largest influence over our quality of life is the decision we make in regards to what we want to do with this life that we have. There are several qualifying questions that we can ask of ourselves in order for us to arrive at a right and proper decision. Obviously it is to our own benefit primarily that we make the right decision in regards to what we want to do with our lives. The rewards for making the right decision are limitless if the decision is planned out, implemented and acted upon with the intention of living the life you decide to live. The consequences which can result from the wrong decision can either dramatically cut short this life we live or have very adverse effects on the quality of our life. The earlier in life we are able to come to this conclusion the easier it is to arrive at the desired outcome. The longer we take to make a decision the more frustrating life can be when it seems impossible for us to get the most out of life when we have not even dared to strike a bargain of life and ask something of life.

I realize that the notion of deciding what to do with your life implies career choice or field of endeavor. Yes, I am referring to this but only as a function of what you truly want to do with your life. More specifically I am referring to your and my major purpose for being. What is your purpose in life? What is my purpose in life? There have been times in my past when I thought that it was clearly defined in my mind at the very least. If your purpose is defined in your mind then you have the ability to take the necessary steps to make the thought a reality. If it is not defined then you are susceptible to being blown whichever way the wind blows. You become part of other people’s purpose for being because you don’t know yours or you don’t have one at all. If you can make this decision fairly early in life then the other steps along the way toward doing what you want to do with your life become very joy despite the difficulties involved. Sounds paradoxical but is really very simple. How do you know that what you want to do with your life is your purpose for being? Is this necessarily so? No.

When I talk about your purpose for being this is really something that you grow into as a result of your life experiences as well as the decisions you make along the way. It is very possible that you can decide to do a certain thing with your life and you grow into the reality that your purpose for being is not completely compatible with the decisions you made in regards to what to do with your life. The important thing is to make a decision about what to do with you life while keeping your mind on the goal of growing into your major purpose in life. If you wait to find out your purpose in life there is the chance that you could waste a lot of years you could have been progressing towards the type of person who would be an invaluable asset to the world performing your major purpose in life. When we talk about purpose for being it sounds a little loftier than just us deciding what we want to do with our lives. It is but only to a degree. If we could successfully decide what we want to do with our lives at an early enough age then a lot of things can fall in line for us a lot easier as we get older.

Once we decide what we are going to “do” with our lives then we have the ability and duty to utilize all of the many resources, knowledge and information available to help us become the best we can possibly be at doing what we have decided to do. There is a vast wealth of knowledge available to us in terms of gaining the know how in any field of endeavor. The most difficult thing is usually deciding what to “do.” However, there are many barriers, obstacles, setbacks and difficulties along the way once we do decide what we want to do. There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. Once you decide you have the power to say to it, be and it is. Then you have to develop the other requisite skills which require belief, faith, focus, desire, hard work, planning, education, experimentation and a number of other factors before you can actually arrive at whatever your goal of becoming or doing with your life is. Even if you don’t decide to do something with your life and you are living out someone else’s reality being imposed on you then you still have to go through all of the above items and more except you still don’t get any closer to your major purpose for being.

There is a reason that I’m dealing with this subject matter at this particular time. It is for personal reasons and is a form of self-analysis and self-correction. I have allowed numerous years to escape me by not properly making the right decisions at the right times in my life in regards to what I wanted to do with my life. Most of the times you really don’t realize that you’ve made the kind of decision that may not have been right for you until years later. Some of the decisions have been from not making decisions at all and allowing myself to be blown be the winds of circumstance. I intend to embark on a journey of self-discovery as I investigate my own life to find out where I got distracted from my own major purpose for being, the decisions about what I wanted to do with my life and how I got to this point in my life. One of my main goals with this experiment is to get back on the path toward my major purpose for being while creating a road map to help others who have lost the path toward their purpose for being or need help defining their purpose for being. The project will be called “Reconstructing Self” and I will make entries specifically dealing with that project under a category by the same name. Decide what you want to do with your life as early as possible and then do it. This is the most important step in arriving at your major purpose in life.

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