Overcoming Doubt (pt 1)

by Young Che on March 9, 2008

I have been contemplating the subject matter of this article for some time now.  It has only been about two or three weeks since my last article but I’ve experienced so much in that short time that every time I sit down to write I find myself going off into directions and material that I did not really intend to delve into.  Part of my personal growth through this endeavor of witness bearing and personal testimony is to learn how to trust in Allah that He may guide my words so that they have the best possible effect on you as you read this and on me as I share with you the unique perspective that God has given to me.  I want to state for the record that I stand in need of God’s mercy every second of every day.  I stand in need of His mercy because I would not even be here if it were not for Him allowing me to exist in His mind.  None of us can exist outside of God’s mind.  Allah is the only reality. 

            There was a slogan that was popularized by a company selling some product or service that I really can’t recall right now.  The slogan went a little like this, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”  I’ve often heard that confession is good for the soul and I’m in need of as much good as I can possibly attract into my life.  I’ve fallen, but I must get up.  I knew that I was falling but I could not help myself.  The trials which entered my life a little over two and a half years ago were more than I have ever had to deal with and my faith was shaken severely.  Unfortunately for me I was not as good a student in the classroom of God as I needed to be to weather the storms that entered my life.  So here I am back in the kindergarten class relearning some of what I’d learned prior to dropping out of the school of life.  I am so thankful that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was inspired by Allah to come after us, we who call ourselves followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Collectively it seems we had all fallen.  In one of his lectures delivered to the Brothers he said that sometimes we do fall while engaged in this work of going after our people.  But he said it is what we do after we fall that matters.  If we just lay there then we deserve to die.  He said that we must get up dust ourselves off and keep moving.  That is what I’m doing today. 

            Last week we commemorated our 27th annual Saviours’ Day since the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stood up to rebuild the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  Before flying to Chicago I really did not know what to expect out of the weekend.  I knew I would see brothers and sisters who I haven’t seen since this time last year.  I knew that I would become edified by the keynote message based on the theme of this year’s Saviours’ Day, “The GODS at WAR – The Future is all about Y.O.U.th – Youth Organized & United to Help.”  I am simply thankful that I made the trip.  I didn’t have any agenda items laid out except to participate and interact with the believers from all over the world who had come together once again in the spirit of unity.  It was very humbling to observe the young brothers and sisters doing their thing.  It let me know that the future of the Nation of Islam will be secure because of the amount of young people whose lives have really been transformed as a result of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  I kept reminiscing back to my first Saviours’ Day some 13 years ago and how much hope I had for my future within the Nation.  I couldn’t help but wonder where along the path I lost the enthusiasm that was so natural to me in my early years in the Nation.  The wonderful thing about realizing that you have fallen is that you get to see that there is no other direction for you to go but up. 

            I want to be very clear in what I am attempting to do with this article in particular as well as with this site in general.  I am committed to bringing you the resources you need to be successful in all of your endeavors.  I am also committed to being the best me that I can possibly be.  In order for me to be helpful to you we have to establish a truthful and open relationship.  In order for me to help you I have to first help myself.  Similarly for you to help anyone outside of yourself you have to start with yourself.  In order to help yourself you must be honest with yourself in everything that you engage yourself in.  Last year my own hypocrisy was manifested to me.  It took the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s calling us back to ourselves for me to come face to face with my hypocrisy.  I am attempting to uncover the pathology of my own hypocrisy and in so doing I have been studying myself under a microscope so that I can identify and extract the germ which allowed me to be susceptible to hypocrisy in the first place.  The Leader says that we are all tinged with hypocrisy.  That statement alone lets us know it is something that is in each and every one of us and requires a certain amount of work to ward off.  The Leader also states that, “doubt is the mother of hypocrisy.”  The Holy Quran is a book which every human being should study.  It opens up in these words:


“In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.  I, Allah, am the best Knower. This Book, there is no doubt in it, is a guide to those who keep their duty…”          


Yesterday during my morning reading of the Holy Quran I happened to be reading Chapter 22- The Pilgrimage, Section 2 – Certainty of Divine Help, verse 11:


“And among men is he who serves Allah, (standing) on the verge, so that if good befalls him he is satisfied therewith, but if trial afflicts him he turns back headlong.  He loses this world and the Hereafter.  That is a manifest loss. 


This passage required a little more investigation upon reading it because it stuck out to me for some reason when I came across it.  I turned to the footnotes of the translator (Maulana Muhammad Ali) for his commentary on this particular passage where he states, “…or, the meaning is, who serves Allah in doubt or suspense, being unsteady like him who stands on the edge of a mountain, or who serves Allah in one mode of circumstances, i.e., when in ample circumstances. All these explanations indicate the attitude of a man who wavers, being ready to quit faith on any pretence.”


I never imagined myself in such a way but in looking back at some of my actions or lack thereof this described not only my attitude in regards to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad during that time but also my attitude toward life in general.  My wife began to think of me as being indecisive.  She was not the only one who noticed but most of the decisions I was confronted with I wanted to be able to defer to anybody else to make it for me.  I really felt like I didn’t know what on earth to do with my life.  Doubt had overcome my belief and eroded my faith which left me uncertain of everything.  If you get the opportunity to read Minister Ava Muhammad’s book entitled, “A New Way of Life,” she deals with this subject extensively in Chapter 3.  If you get the opportunity please read this in its entirety.  I will share with you some words she had to say on the topic:

            (Pg33 – A New Way of Life) “Doubt creates disturbances that freezes movement toward potential achievement.  Doubt prevents you from experiencing solutions to problems.  Doubt makes it impossible to change your condition.  With the attitude of doubt you are unable to successfully tread the path toward oneness with God.

            “Doubt makes you reject yourself.  Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, the Teacher of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, He can give you the scope of His teachings in six words, “Accept You Own and Be Yourself.”  That is a divine law.  If you break that law you are going to fail in life.  If you don’t accept who you are, if you don’t become yourself you are not going to be successful.  The danger of doubt is doubt makes you go against God’s Will.  Doubt makes you reject who and what you are.  And when you have rejected yourself, any profession in God is a lie, so Minister Farrakhan says, “doubt is the mother of hypocrisy,” because doubt sets up a state of self-rejection that makes you a hypocrite.”


I know that this can be very heavy subject matter to us if we allow it to weigh down on us.  All of us are tinged with hypocrisy.  How do we guard ourselves from the hypocrisy of self?  It is through the constant study of the word of God and especially through plugging into His revealed word through the mouth of His Servant in our midst.  We have to be students first.  We have to study.  In addition to studying we have to also be willing to forgive ourselves.  This goes hand in hand with being able to pick ourselves up when we fall and dust ourselves off and get back to the work.  Once we know that falling is part of our process then we won’t be so hard on ourselves when we do fall.  In the Holy Quran every chapter with the exception of one opens as such, “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.”  Allah is considered the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.  Why should we not take this approach when it comes to ourselves?  Because this is how God thinks about of us.  He knows that we are in need of mercy.  We often burden ourselves down with the guilt associated with whatever sins we have fallen victim to.  This is due to our knowledge of our wrongdoing and the resulting effect when we go against the Will of God which causes us to go against our own self interest.  In the Nation of Islam we are taught that the Restrictive Law is our success at any time.  When we go against the laws of God we are going against the very laws that govern our existence.  It damages our own perception on reality when we sin.  We end up entertaining diverse thoughts about ourselves which leads us into self hypocrisy.  Once we don’t believe in ourselves any longer it becomes easier for us to doubt a word which may have great benefit in it for us. 


All of us have a duty to make the most out of this life that we are given because we are not promised any life other than this one that we already have.  How do we make the most out of this life?  Accept your own and be yourself.  The thing that makes this the most difficult is the fact that many of us don’t know ourselves.  This is what makes the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad relevant to our resurrection as a people.  He taught us a thorough knowledge of self.  The teachings have reconnected me to my own purpose for being again.  And that is to be a helper in the cause of Islam.  My purpose for being is to help to share the beautiful teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad with all who desire to live a better life.  I had lost my bearing due to the intense darkness I found myself in as a result of default in duty.  We have a duty to teach what we know to those who do not know it.  We have a duty give our people a word and the solutions which would vastly improve the quality of their lives.  Every time I interact with young people I realize how much work we have to do to give them a fair shot at being successful in life and overcoming the great attracting power of this world.  Our young people are under attack.  Our young black brothers and sisters suffer unnecessarily due to ignorance.  We have a duty to help our young people prepare themselves for the continued onslaught against their very existence.  It’s easy to doubt yourself when you don’t know yourself.   It’s easy to believe in yourself when you know that you are a direct descendant of the originator of the heavens and the earth.  We have been disconnected from our great history and have been assigned a version of history as presented by those who have imposed their reality upon us.  As long as we view our existence through the eyes of our open enemy instead of through our own eyes we will never know freedom, justice and equality.    

            Our youth are under attack and we have a duty to step up for them to ensure our own future.  It is a very dangerous time for our existence.  Those of our young people who aren’t successfully assimilating into the way of our enemy find themselves on a road back to physical slavery via the prison industrial complex or contributing toward our extinction through self annihilation.  The enemy has successfully hidden their hand by setting up a destructive environment without the necessary resources for our young people to improve their lives.  That’s why I am committed to reconnecting you to yourself. 

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