The Keys to Success: Do For Self

by Young Che on April 14, 2008

Last week I didn’t get the opportunity to post an entry.  I had a lot of research to catch up on as I plan to launch a series of new ventures almost simultaneously.  I have managed to set multiple ventures in motion without fully realizing how much work is involved with maintaining all of them.  I was also taken aback a little by the theme of last week’s edition of the Final Call Newspaper.  The theme was “Do For Self.”  The title of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s article was “The Key to Success: Do For Self.”  It is no coincidence that it corresponds directly to the title of this site.  This is a very popular theme for the followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  It is the theme most easily measured by onlookers who may wonder what the Nation of Islam is all about.  Of course we teach a theology that may seem foreign to most at first because we have been taught wrong for so long by the very people who enslaved our ancestors.  But it is the theme of “Doing For Self” that the enemy is truly afraid of.  We are committed to controlling our own destinies.  This is not a theme that the enemy wants promoted among our people because it will break their control over us. 


We have to make up our collective mind to “Do For Self.”  We have to unite based on our common history, struggle and challenge that we face during the tough times ahead.  The economy is in trouble and we will be disproportionately affected by the looming recession.  We have already entered the beginning stages of a recession even though the media and government don’t want to publicly admit it because it would cause unnecessary panic among the masses of the people.  Personally I am extremely thankful for the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad because by applying the “Do For Self” approach to my own life it has paid tremendous dividends in more ways than I can count here for my family and me.  I can also count several brothers and sisters who have applied the teachings to their lives successfully and are enjoying the blessings of Allah.  I want to encourage you once again to read the Final Call Newspaper.  Read the online version or subscribe to the paper.  Just do yourself a favor and read it every week.  There is always a wealth of information inside the pages that can help you to make decisions in your life that will improve your condition overnight. 


During this last week I have been involved with the editing of the testimonies the Believers of Muhammad Mosque #46 have decided to share with the world about how we came into the Nation of Islam.  It has been truly invigorating reading the accounts of the lives of my brother and sisters about what lead them to The Nation.  It confirms for me what the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught about the fall of the Nation of Islam.  He said that it would fall then be raised and would never fall again.  Reading the testimonies coupled with wonderful Saviours Day celebration we shared this past February in Chicago, Illinois.  This year’s Saviours’ Day focused on the Youth.  We gave way to the young people to express what is in their hearts and it is reassuring to know that the young people are determined to make Islam successful here in the wilderness of North America.  They don’t seem concerned about who didn’t do what because they have a plan and approach to establish Islam with the help of those of us who may have been around longer than them or not.  The beautiful thing about the Nation of Islam is that we work hard to counter the effects of Willie Lynch.  We don’t allow generational differences to divide us.  Truth is truth even if a parrot is speaking truth.  We share and learn from one another no matter what the age of the one who is shining a light into the darkness.  

Reflecting over the testimonies and the enthusiasm of the youth of our Nation confirms for me what the Messenger said about the Nation never falling again.  The future of Islam is very secure because the truth of Islam has been firmly deposited into the hearts of so many.      

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