Proof Of Our Greatness

by Young Che on September 26, 2008

I Am From…..

I am from stoves and televisions
From fabuloso and candles
I am from the garden in the front yard
And the smell of freshly cut grass
I am from the old fig tree that was cut down for my trampoline
The pear tree on the other side of the fence
Whose long limbs I remember
as if they were my own

I’m from Sunday dinners and broad backs
From mama, daddy, pawpaw and granny
I’m from hugging and kissing
And watching movies ‘til two in the morning

I’m from keep living and I love you
And apple trees don’t make oranges
I’m from pool parties
I’m from New Orleans East and somewhere in Belize
Gumbo and the best red beans in the world
From sneaking into empty pools to skateboard
And from water skiing in Lake Pontchartrain
Pictures of us all together over the years
In the cabinet at the top of the entertainment center

I’m from love as a family and love in a family

By:   Princess Ari

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