Attracting Power 4.1

by Young Che on November 12, 2009

Every human being is like a magnet constantly attracting things and other beings into their lives. The other day I stopped by the New Orleans Public Library in order to return a couple of books and check out some more. As usual I started out in the Sci-Fi section. I can’t seem to shake this Sci-Fi obsession of mine (Thanks Mike). I went straight to the Heinlein section to grab another one of his creations. Then I strolled over to the Asimov section to pick out one of his works. As I stood there with two Sci-Fi tombs in hand I decided that I might be overdoing it a little bit with the amount of Sci-Fi I was planning to consume. So I placed on of the books back and mozied over to the Business section. Or what used to be the Business section. It was the place I located other books like The Innovator’s Dilemma, Good to Great: by Jim Collins, and a few others. The business section of the library wasn’t labeled as such and it wasn’t a very large section to begin with. I think the section was labeled something like Pet Care or something but it definitely had business books there in the past. As I searched for business books where I previously found them before to no avail, I noticed a section of Psychology books. Almost as soon as I noticed this section one title jumped out at me in particular: Prisoners Of Childhood by Alice Miller.

The book is very short and definitely worth reading for anyone hoping to learn something profound about their lives. I read the book in two sittings. In the book Alice Miller explores the roots of Narcissism. Most of us who suffer from the Narcissistic disturbance can find the cause somewhere in our childhood. For the more gifted of us we have to dig a little further for the cause. More often than not we have to search the period of time before we actually learned how to walk or talk for the causes of our disturbance. As we got older and matured into adulthood the defect in our character took on the form of either grandiosity or depression which happens to be two sides of the same coin. Let me know what you think. Check out the book if you can and we will discuss it later.

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