Connecting With Yourself

by Young Che on November 11, 2008

How connected are you to yourself? Sure you wake up and look at yourself every morning as you brush your teeth while preparing to meet the world. Are you comfortable enough with yourself to have an open and honest conversation with you? How many versions of yourself do you consult before making big life decisions which will effect the other you(s)?

Are you neglecting the other you(s)? If so, there is a chance that you are cheating yourself and the world out of the best you have to offer. Get to know yourself. If there is a version that you’ve banished because of some mistakes that he/she has made in the past take another look because that version of you may have the secret ingredient you need for explosive growth and progress. Check out this little excerpt from Steve Pavlina:

Discovering Oneness

If I went back in time and introduced my age 37 self to my age 18 self, I seriously doubt my 18 year-old self would believe we’re the same person. If he asked about my life, his main concern would be about how much power I had and how brave I was. He’d want me to share stories of grander crimes I got away with and the greater thrills ahead of him.

Although on the surface we might seem to be two totally different people, my past self is still inside me. He’s my shadow.

For a time I tried to disconnect from him, to put him in a memory box and do my best to forget he ever existed. But my life didn’t go so well without him. I became a nicer person, but I lacked the strength, courage, and passion I had during my teenage years. I matured into a largely powerless adult.

Years ago I began to dialog with that part of myself to discover what he wanted and to understand him more deeply. I had to acknowledge that he is still with me. He had something that was lacking in my life when I turned my back on him. I had to understand his powerful drive and especially his courage. I needed to harness his energy and find a way to re-channel it through the mindset of oneness. That’s when I realized that power and oneness are not in conflict; in fact, they amplify each other. I can do more good from a position of strength than of weakness.

I gradually came to understand that I needed to feel strong and powerful and that this is a universal need we all share, but too often it gets squelched. As human beings we need to express our power, which is our ability to create the reality we want to experience. We need to feel strong. Weakness does not become us.

We are here to shine, not to cower in fear. If we are to achieve greatness, we must abandon the wimpy goal of security. Courage, not security, must be our friend and guide on this human journey. Read more…

Take some time out to re-introduce yourself to you.

“The way that I do it you would think that there was 2 of me, more like 10 of me. I have a tendency as Edison; inventive with a sentence.” Asher Roth: The Sun God Free

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