What Is Your Part?

by Young Che on November 28, 2008

We all have a greater responsibility today. We have to be able to establish wealth amongst ourselves in order to obtain true justice as a people. It is something that we must do and that no other people can give to us. We must be able to declare our will as a people to illustrate that we are self-determined to accomplish whatever we envision. The fact that we can all lay claim to one of the most significant moments in Africans in American History doesn’t absolve us from the hard work of improving the lives of the least of ours. No one man can rise above the suffering of his people. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It’s a wonderful time to be alive despite the many challenges which we face as a people. Play your part and let’s advance this struggle to the next level.

I shift gears a lot, but don’t mind me. There are some layers or currents of air – real cold and warm, and some very swift and changeable. 🙂

State of the Black World: Accepting our Responsibility

Reporting by: Brother Jesse & Brother Ashahed

DaveyD, Jasiri X & NYOIL were all in attendance sharing their insight and knowledge of the Hip Hop industry and what our roles should be moving forward.

Another example of the future. Green Son. No fumes or emissions.
Rodrigo, TX

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive so its only fitting
that he drive one of the fastest cars on the planet.

Here is another example of why I should update blog more
often. I leave a lot of incomplete thoughts on the

Why Digital Is Only Way To Go

We should promote our greatness every chance we get.
Stevie Williams

Get involved digitally b/c you may be sitting on what’s next.

Who The F#*k Is B.o.B?!

Do you play by the rules?

Did I mention that I happen to be an info-junkie. I can’t help it.
Check out Somethin Foul by Nas

Is your blog an Underdog Blog?

Immortal Technique sums up this scattered post best.

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