The Playing Field Is Level Son

by Young Che on December 18, 2008

We as a country stand in very unfamiliar territory. We have entered an era in which major changes are taking place in every field of human endeavor. We have to embrace this change and understand that the changes that are taking place are necessary for our collective growth and development. The thought leaders of today are desperately trying to hold onto their position as thought leaders but have outlived their current usefulness. This change has been coming for some time now even though those who were in positions of power have been reluctant to acknowledge the need for real change. They have been extremely concerned with maintaining the status quo which is a recipe for disaster.

Every industry is in real trouble now and we have more problems than solutions. Big media is in trouble and the business model that has worked for them in the past has been broken for some years now but they have finally warmed to the idea of developing a new model.

“We had to figure out a way to create a competitive media company without any of the pre-existing resources. Our lack of a legacy was both an obstacle and a boon. On the one hand, we had no infrastructure, no team of reporters, no brand. On the other hand, we had no baggage – unlike a television network, or a print newspaper, or a magazine that has to reconfigure and translate itself into a new online medium. We were under no burden of a long-standing business model – we were free to create a brand new one… So while we had to overcome the fact that we were starting from nothing, we also had the benefit of starting from nothing.” – Kenneth Lerer from the foreword of The Huffington Post Complete Guide To Blogging.

The auto industry is on life support and the only answers they have lie in their ability to re-finance their reluctance to embrace change. The American government’s main answer is to print money it doesn’t have in the hope that it can buy itself enough time to figure out how to maintain its dominance in a changing world.

“Of much greater practical importance, the Fed bluntly announced that it would print as much money as necessary to revive the frozen credit markets and fight what is shaping up as the nation’s worst economic downturn since World War II.”

I know that Obama won the election and ushered us into a post-racial environment. Like Dr. Cornell West pointed out a couple of days ago Black people have pushed past racism a long time ago and what Obama’s election marks is a milestone for whites in regards to racism. As Black people we have to embrace the “Audacity of Hope” and recognize that there are a lot of opportunities available if you are willing to recognize that the playing field is level. Your opposition is real enough but all you have to do is step onto the playing field.

You have an advantage by not having much to lose. Whatever you want to do today can be accomplished if only you have the desire and will to accomplish it. All of the tools to accomplish what you will are available and at your disposal. You may not know where to look for them but with a little persistence you can locate someone who is more than willing to help you to accomplish your goals. The only thing missing is you and your desire to accomplish what you will.

I’m more than certain that most of your goals have nothing to do with spending the rest of your life in a jail cell. I’m sure you aren’t looking forward to being riddled with gunshots and being laid to rest before you get a chance to live your life. Unless these are your goals you should re-examine the choices you’ve made thus far and take a second look at the activities you are involved in. You already know the two most probable routes your life will lead you as a Blackman in this country: dead or in jail. You’ve heard it over and over. You have an opportunity to re-write your future. You already are equipped with most of what you need to exceed in this life naturally. You just have to decide that you want more out of your life.

Anything you want to do can be done today. You have no excuse for contributing to the destruction of Black lives in America. You also do not have to volunteer to work for the Prison Industrial Complex. If you are determined to volunteer your time then the least you could do is join the Peace Corp and see something new. The Block and the jail cell are played. You’ve been there and done that.

You can do exactly what you want to do with your life. It’s your choice.

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