by Young Che on January 16, 2009

Believe in yourself. Obviously we have entered a very difficult time as a nation. The economy is already being compared to the Great Depression and by most accounts it may get significantly worse before it gets better. Everyone is pulling for lawmakers and politicians now that we’ve kind of adopted a socialist approach to good ol’ American capitalism. During these times we can’t afford to watch from the sidelines and hope everything turns out O.K. We have to do something.

Just for a second I want you to not worry about what you are going to do. Don’t worry about when, where, how or why you are going to do something. All of those blanks can easily be filled in once YOU BELIEVE that you can DO something. You can DO something that will change the course of world history. You can DO something very BIG which will impact the world for generations to come.

We all want to be successful at something. Success means a whole lot of things to most of you. The bottom line is that you want to be able to do more for the people who depend on you. In order to be successful at any time, especially during a time of great uncertainty, you have to believe that you can accomplish the impossible.

Belief in yourself, the “I know I can DO…” type of thought process actually produces all of the force, power and know-how that you will ever need to accomplish great things. Strong belief sparks something in your mind to figure out how to do anything. Strong belief in yourself also attracts others to assist you with your efforts.

Believe that you can do Big things and you will summon the powers of the universe to your aide. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


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