Individual Selfishness

by Young Che on January 27, 2009

The footage of the new Hosoi and Greco cover.

Filmed By: Chris Thomas

This is what makes skateboarding so great. The power to be yourself. Check out this short excerpt from Eric Stricker’s FIRST WORDS article in the current edition of Transworld.

We all know that skateboarding is the most selfish sport, or art, if you choose, and while it’s nice to be a team player sometimes, we want to keep it that way. Because that’s the beauty of it – we do what we want, when we want, how we want. But that amount of power, if only even over our own lives, can result in disastrous consequences like it did for Christian Hosoi and Jim Greco, two pros whose excessive selfishness via bouts with drugs not only nearly destroyed their professional skateboarding careers, but their entire lives.

Even Greco says, “Drugs make something that was originally cool, fucked up.” What was originally cool was that selfishness inspired us to do something different than the norm and so we picked up a skateboard. For our purposes here, the word selfishness has a tendency to sit on the negative side of the connotation meter, so we’ll call it individuality. (For more check out the Transworld online)

Seu Trinh shot these photos while Mike O’Meally was shooting the February 2009 cover shot.

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