Security is Observation & Prevention

by Young Che on February 22, 2009

Security is Observation & Prevention

Today I bumped into one of those interesting characters whom you could actually learn a little something about life from. The brother is one of those older dudes with dreads and shit. Red Nigga. He was buildin’ on some 1984 shit. You can’t trust nobody, know what I’m saying. The people around you will respond to money. Don’t be no fool. The government watches your every move. Well, they could if they wanted to. Your cell tracks your activities. The internet serves as the thought police.

Grab pre-paid mobiles and change them often. You can’t utilize every new website just because it’s hot. Them people watch everything. Be careful what you think about. And the stuff you wish for. You call it into existence. That old red nigga with the dreads recommended some books guaranteed to get me on The List if I’m not already on it. He told me I looked like an intellectual. There’s nothing I love more in life than for someone to mistake me for a person with sense. I never know how to inform them that I really don’t have very many marbles. I ain’t all here. I’m throw’d off a little and it’s kind of weird talking about it. Yeah, if you’ve got a book that will get me on some list I’m game for it. Where it’s at?

Yesterday I opened my Google Reader and it lead me to a book about having another self. I’ve long thought about this other self that most of us have. Since around third grade, even though I was somewhat aware of it before that. Asher Roth dropped one memorable line during his 15 minutes. It was the one about him flowing like “there’s 2 of me, but it’s more like 10 of me…” That shit there captured something for me last year. Not quite what K.R.E.A.M. did for me, nor PAC DIV when they dropped that gem on The Hundreds. Yeah, that shit rocked. I ended up  in the comments section of the TED spot Elizabeth Gilbert did on The Creative Genius in us all. One of the comments pointed towards author Anthony Peake.

Peake’s theories suggest a literal second area of consciousness in us all and he backs his theories up with science; drawing on theories from Quantum physics, amongst other areas; suggesting a Bohmian Imax construction we inhabit; suggesting a scale of transcendence where communication between our two areas of consciousness opens up in varying degrees, and yes, as Elizabeth Gilbert noted, that scale encompassing many artists.

I can still remember the first time that I consciously slowed down time. As you could probably imagine I was bent when it happened. I was riding shotgun with one of my older cousins. Older cousins are great to pick up bad boy habits from. They’ve lived a little bit more life than you did and can’t wait to show you that they’re on some next level shit. When the police lights started flashing behind us he assured me that 5.0 knows better than to fuck with him out here.

“I know all them motherfuckers,” he said.

It sounded great, but what were the chances of him knowing all of those officers, even if it was a small town in rural Louisiana. Turns out the officer didn’t know him and didn’t really care too much about how many of his co-workers names got dropped. He tested my cousin for D.U.I. and he didn’t do to well. I don’t know if this was before the advent of breathalyzers or if this particular unit just didn’t have one. He administered one of those tests in which you recite your ABCs A-M forward and backward. It was quite the test considering how bent I was that night. Surprisingly enough I was able to pull it off and “Walk the Line” satisfactory enough for the cop to give me the keys to my cousin’s car. He told me that I could follow him to the jailhouse to learn what I had to do to bail my cousin out after he was booked for D.U.I.

How did I pass this little D.U.I. test? Well I consciously slowed down time enough for me to perform the task at hand. It could be almost mistaken for concentration or focus but not quite. It does require you to focus on what you are doing but focus is not enough. It’s hard to just focus or concentrate on what you’re doing especially if it’s something that you aren’t accustomed to doing. In times such as this you have to be able to slow time down around you just enough to live in that one moment of time.

Most of the time I’m pretty dismissive of older dudes who all paranoid and shit. You know they’ve experienced certain things in their lives which kind of makes them know that everything isn’t what it seems. But most times judging by their present set of circumstances it’s evident that they couldn’t reconcile what they know with the world around them.

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