Decisions, Decisions

by Young Che on April 7, 2009

Do you remember my post toward the end of 2008 in preparation for the New Year?

2009 Will Be Defined.

Well let me first start of by stating the obvious; it’s easier said than done. In some ways I was declaring my intentions to control my own destiny. The first quarter of 2009 has just passed and there are certain areas which I absolutely control and other areas of my life where it would seem I have no control over whatsoever. The fact that as I sit here writing this entry I am contemplating a decision which will cause me large amounts of discomfort for an unknowable amount of time is insanity in action. The logic behind this decision is hard for me to explain at this point. All human beings are wild cards and you can never know for certain what’s going on in their minds. I am about to step out on a real cloud of faith to save the life of a teenager. He’s my nephew through marriage and has lost his way.

For most this decision would be a ‘no brainer.’ Some would deal with the problems he’s going through from a distance since he has a Mother and Stepfather in the home already. Maybe offer some advice and wish them luck dealing with the troubled teen. Overall this has been my approach toward the situation although I do open my home to him during the summers. A select few wouldn’t hesitate to invite the youngster into their lives with warmth and open arms, they are the type who love unconditionally. One day I would love to grow into that type of person. As for now, I’m on the fence. For some reason I always end up on the fence. Not willing to do one thing and having no desire to do the other. It’s pretty hard to drive through life with your car in neutral. This little problem may have been with me for along time but now it has grown exponentially.

With the ever increasing number of options and possibilities we have in every area of our lives the choice to do nothing becomes easier and easier. This decision is trickier than it sounds because teenagers tend to have a mind of their own and can be quite the rebel.

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