No Coincidences

by Young Che on July 16, 2009


Often I am forced to remind myself that there is no such thing as coincidence. Most of the time it’s because I’m experiencing a coincidental like event. This morning I clicked on for the first time in a couple of weeks. The staff must have gone on vacation for a week or so around the 4th of July because they quit updating the site. As I scrolled down I noticed two articles worth checking out that coincided with a chapter of a book that I just read last night. The book is titled Debating Race with Michael Eric Dyson.

Yesterday I stopped by the main branch of the local library to return a book and find a couple of other books to check out. I started out in the science fiction section which has been my kick all summer long. I grabbed another book by one of science fiction’s great pioneering authors, Robert Heinlein. I’m definitely a fan. Then I stopped through the business section to see if there was anything of interest. I found something and kept it moving. The library isn’t as organized as the local bookstores and sometimes librarians aren’t as customer friendly as the well trained clerks at Borders. Most times I don’t bother asking them for help finding books and just make my trips to the library into an adventure of sorts. Kind of like a pot luck dinner or something. I never know what I’ll end up with.

I was looking for We Want Freedom by Mumia Abu Jamal to no avail. Figures. Then as I looked on I found the book by Michael Eric Dyson. I didn’t have any intentions on starting his book last night but couldn’t resist after thumbing through the table of contents. The chapter that caught my attention the most was the one about Black Masculinity. The chapter consists of three different discussions Michael Dyson had with various thinkers and writers. The first one dealt with the effects of the Million Man March. The second dealt with Black Male Intensity and the incident in which Latrell Sprewell choked his then NBA coach. The third is titiled: Is Dave Chappelle Crazy? The Price of Fame and The Paranoid Style.

The coincidence that I’m referring to are two articles in particular that were:

Plain Dealer: Former Cleveland Indian Albert Belle talks steroids & about being ‘an angry black man.’

Oregonian: Dave Chappelle’s surprise show in Oregon demonstrates power of social networking.

But There is no such thing as coincidence.

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