Knowing When To Seize The Moment

by Young Che on January 26, 2008

I’ve heard people talk about that “million dollar moment.” The moment an idea so powerful takes hold of your being that it becomes very difficult to really think about anything else. It’s that Shazaam moment that is very hard to describe but when it hits you, you know. Over the last two months I’ve been seriously contemplating making the jump out of the business I’m currently in to really pursue a business model that allows me to grow, evolve and rediscover my passion for life. More specifically I have been wrestling with the notion of launching a communications/multi-media business of some sort. For a very long time I envisioned myself being involved with or building a multi-media corporation in order to have a vehicle for the endless ideas that generate in the minds of the underprivileged and under-served communities of the world. However, I wanted to be in a position in which the ideas can all be presented respectfully and not in a fashion that further damages the already tarnished image of those of us who may have had to grow up with less. I did not want to add to the storehouse of negative portrayals and stereotypes that drown out our rich culture as Black people.

The moment smacked me again last night. I’ve been cultivating this idea for years now but the blueprint crystallized again last night while I was working on some possible business models. I was also attempting to to create my first blog or website of any sort and realized how far I’d fallen behind the technological curve as a result of not following my instincts over the years. Learning how to play it too safe in business and life have numbing effects on your existence. It’s not that I don’t take any risks, but most of my risks are very calculated. Ironically, one of my favorite activities involves constant risk taking. Skateboarding. Especially if you want to rise to the rank of professional skateboarder.

Tune into Fuel TV in order to get an image of what I’m talking about. Have you ever seen a guy throw himself down a 20 step handrail with what would look like complete disregard for his own personal safety. Needless to say I don’t skate at that level by any stretch of the imagination. I skate for fun and take very limit my risk accordingly. That’s how I feel from a business standpoint right about now. I’m ready to throw myself down a 20 step handrail. Except, just like the skaters you see on Fuel TV who pull off the impossible daily my next business venture doesn’t seem as risky as it once did. Of course I’ve been playing out hundreds of scenarios in my mind which have led me to the point where it’s time for some action. Time to do more than just talk about it. Time to be about it. This reality is only available in my mind presently but therein lies the challenge. To bring it out of my mind and into reality.

Years have literally passed since the first time I had an inclination to go this route but I remained motionless. The biggest loss I’ve suffered is from missed opportunities, which if measured over the span of a lifetime can be very costly indeed. The silver lining in missing opportunities is that you probably didn’t know you were missing them when you missed them. However, if you do happen to recognize opportunities when they are in front of you then you must summon the courage to seize them whenever possible.

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