Getting To Know Yourself

by Young Che on September 13, 2008

How Is Your View?

How Is Your View?


I got a chance to read 16 Important but Potentially
Distracting Blogging Tasks
this morning.  This post
really hit home because I’m guilty of a few of them on a
regular basis and some of them I’m guilty of not
spending any time doing.  Read the list for yourself.
My biggest distraction is spending too much time online.
Too much time reading.  Too much time playing video
games.  Too much time watching T.V.   Too much time
skating (only not due to a nagging ankle injury).
And too much time, uh… yeah.  That too.

By spending too much time involved with certain
activities it goes without saying that there are several
activities that don’t get done but should.  My writing
often suffers due to the many distractions we, uh – I,
get caught up in.

If you don’t commit to writing on a regular basis then
you don’t really have a blog.  Unless of course you have
a photography blog, a video blog or produce podcasts.
Which would then require your production skills to
create (or locate) the content necessary to make your
blog a success. All of these should probably be a part
of your blog as well to give it a fuller experience for
your audiences.

You have got to get to know you like you know no one
else on this planet.  If you develop this kind of open
honest relationship with yourself established on the
basis of truth then you can unlock a world that may have
been hidden from you for a long time.  Possibly your
entire life has been void of experiencing any
fulfillment from your life and that would be too bad.
You deserve to experience the best that this life has to
offer.  You must commit to be the best at being you.  Once
you learn how to be the best and learn how to give your
best at whatever you choose to do, then life can you
reward you with its best.

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time involved
with blog design.  Its not a strong part of my skill set
yet but I have to spend some time on it if I want my
blog to improve enough to stand on its own.  Once it can
at least become self sustaining then I could re-invest
either more time or money to make sure that its the best
it can be. Then I can also do become proficient at doing
something else. Of course when I wasn’t trying to improve
one of my websites I was reading or experiencing someone
else’s content.

What about your blog? Maybe you don’t have a blog yet.
Then what about your ideas?  That’s what this is really
about.  We all have ideas.  How do you bring your
ideas to life?  Part of your purpose for being is to
bring your ideas to life. In every field there requires
the need for a fresh approach to doing whatever it is
you’re doing.  That’s how progress is made.  There would
be no progression at all if there weren’t the necessity
for new ideas and a new way of doing things.  Every
field of endeavor needs newer approaches to every aspect
of its existence.  Every business or industry needs a
distinct way for advancing the current state of affairs.


Its time for your ideas to be heard.  You have to figure
out which ways best suits you to deliver your ideas to
a hungry world.  Everyone is looking for a better
(easier) way to do things.  Innovation is still king no
matter if you’re getting a message across or designing the
next wave of fuel efficient cars to the world.

Network and organize with others from your field.  This
is important to growth and progression of all of us.
You never can tell how a great advancement in one
industry actually impacts all of us and the way we
behave in other industries.  Look how the internet is
impacting almost every industry in existence
before the internet and has spawned other industries
that otherwise would not be in existence.  Look at the
effects on print media, the record industry, the gaming
industry and the film industry?  They all have had to
scramble to redefine themselves.

Every industry has got to make room for the Little Guy.

The Little Guy has the

same access to the world as the Big Guy.  David &

Goliath is a common story and phenomenon.  However it
still takes a fair amount of courage, belief and faith
to be David.  The world needs more Davids at a time
like this.  There are so many things that can be done
better even though we may have great ways of doing them now.
You are sitting on some  very powerful solutions that would
help better our world  today.  You have to make up your mind
to find yourself  and be yourself. Then, be the best self
you can be.

Once you do this you can move on to the next most
important step you can take in your life.  Help to
strengthen your brother or your sister.  Help someone
else learn that they possess extra special skills that
only he or she can deliver to the world. Find your gifts
and talents then help someone else find theirs.

Have you found yours yet?  Hope so.  Once you find your
truth, which there is only one, you must admit it to yourself.

My truth is ever growing and expanding.  I’m looking to
create a Digital Multi-Media Empire.  I need your help to do it
though.  The internet has leveled the playing field and anyone
can challenge Time Warner, Clear Channel, Google, Turner
Broadcasting, HBO, ESPN, FuelTV or any other enterprise for
the crown.  Or at the very least we can carve out an
existence for ourselves. I’m ready to move forward
with my chosen field which is producing content of
all types for all types of consumption.  I’m getting
a little ahead of myself I know.  This is the future
vision even though now I’m looking for internet heads,
new bloggers and original content producers of all types
to build a strong network with.  This is only the beginning.
Please allow me to re-introduce myself.

Did I mention that blogging is my new thing and soon you
will be able to join me on a new project which should be
fun and engaging for everyone who signs up?  It’s called
IdeaSpot.  I will forward the details concerning it and
how you can get involved during the coming week.  Don’t
miss out on the jump off as we make plans to take it to
the next level.  There are times in life when you know
something has got to give.  I’ve reached such a time when
I know something has got to give or I’m gonna snap.  The
world won’t like it if I snap.  The last time I snapped
body bags were on the rise and the DTs didn’t have a clue
what was going on.

The only piece of advice I can give you is to learn
how to duck quick and don’t come out after dark.

If this site benefits you feel free to show your appreciation by donating to its growth.

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