Digi Gems 1.4.6

by Young Che on October 11, 2008

Usually Digi Gems features some music I discovered or rediscovered while roaming around the net. Sometimes it may be a skate video part that served as my inspiration for the week.  Today’s Gems come straight from the Blogosphere.  I’ve learned so much over the last 9 months thanks in part to the awesome blogs most of which get delivered to my Google Reader via RSS Feed.  If you aren’t getting fed or don’t know how to check out this little video which describes RSS Feeds by Common Craft.

Pithy Quote

Everyone isn’t going to be a leader. But everyone isn’t going to be successful, either. Read more…

People in the Real World: by Chris Brogan

We tend to forget we’re in the future world. Our little close gooey center is comprised of people who think FriendFeed needs to adapt and improve, while most of our workplaces are still deciding whether to allow instant messenger clients inside the firewall. We blog about iPhone apps and aggregators where most of the world is reading about how digital cable in the US is going to impact folks who still have rabbit ears on their box.  Read more….

The simple pursuit of fun for fun’s sake

This is what 2.0 means

Economic Collapse: The Financial Death of the U.S. Empire

The US stock market has dropped 2500 points in 9 days. Trillions of dollars in wealth disappeared as the Dow lost six years worth of growth. The Bush administration and Congress have tossed ever increasing amounts of money at failing firms, hoping to appease the economic gods, rather as the ancient Canaanites sacrificed children to Baal. But the markets refuse to be appeased, and financial contagion has circled the globe.  Read more….

Oneness by: Steve Pavlina

Years ago I began to dialog with that part of myself to discover what he wanted and to understand him more deeply. I had to acknowledge that he is still with me. He had something that was lacking in my life when I turned my back on him. I had to understand his powerful drive and especially his courage. I needed to harness his energy and find a way to re-channel it through the mindset of oneness. That’s when I realized that power and oneness are not in conflict; in fact, they amplify each other. I can do more good from a position of strength than of weakness.

I gradually came to understand that I needed to feel strong and powerful and that this is a universal need we all share, but too often it gets squelched. As human beings we need to express our power, which is our ability to create the reality we want to experience. We need to feel strong. Weakness does not become us.

We are here to shine, not to cower in fear. If we are to achieve greatness, we must abandon the wimpy goal of security. Courage, not security, must be our friend and guide on this human journey.  Read more…

You Don’t Know Everything

Authority is attractive, but so is vulnerability. 21st century readers aren’t looking for a silver-haired guy in a white lab coat to solve all their problems.

Authority still matters, but it has a friendlier face now. Today’s trusted authorities are dorkier and more openly flawed than they ever have been.

Self deprecation will always create a stronger relationship than chest beating. Write what you know with confidence, but also make some time to share your screw-ups, your insecurities, and your downright failures.  Read more…

“good ideas have lonely childhoods”


You don’t know if your idea is any good the moment it’s created. Neither does anyone else. The most you can hope for is a strong gut feeling that it is. And trusting your feelings is not as easy as the optimists say it is. There’s a reason why feelings scare us.   Read more….

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