Digi-Gems: Killa Cali 3.1

by Young Che on October 6, 2008

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been listening to some of the fresh, revitalized sounds of the underground L.A. Hip Hop scene.  Check out Jeff Weiss and his take on this movement if you will.  His L.A. Weekly piece: Has the L.A. Hip-Hop Plague Finally Passed is a great place to start.

He chronicles the up and coming L.A. emergence starting with one of my favorite emcees who I 1st learned about over at daveyd.com. Peep the interview.

BLU. Who dropped arguably the best album of 2007. Below The Heavens. Get your hands on it and listen to it.

Check out The B-Sides: Blu Interview.


Check out The B-Sides: The Knux Interview


Check out The B-Sides: Pacific Division Interview

Its good to see the west coast doing its thing.

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