Why Do You Love Blogging So Much

by Young Che on October 8, 2008

2008 is gonna be great! 2008 is gonna be great! 2008 is gonna be great!

This was your chant right before ringing in the New Year because for some reason your 2007 ended on a down note that you still can’t quite describe. But what it did do for you is to finally force you into launching your first website after thinking about how great it would be to have one ever since about 1996. Your first website happens to be a blog. You never realized how much of a perfect fit blogging was for you until you got started. You spent a lot of time trying to get your “voice” right for the blog. Getting your voice right is kind of a big deal, just think how lame it would be to have to write fake sounding posts on a regular basis unless of course… the price is right. In the meantime it’s a little easier to just be yourself while you’re getting established especially if you plan on delivering messages to any type of audience on a regular basis.  Then you had to get the design part straight.  Your blog has got to have style, you know.  Nobody likes an ugly website.  Its too hard on the eyes.  Of course you had to pick your niche, your theme, etc.. No, this is not a How To post. There are several blogs out there to teach you how to blog. And from time to time I’m sure you’ll write them and even recommend some of the better blogs about blogging to help save your readers some time. Blogging is great for all of its participants. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

Imagine a place where an entity (presumably you the blogger) earns revenue by connecting potential buyers/shoppers/browsers with products or services which has some amount of value to them. How do you know that it has value to them? Well because you’ve done enough of your homework to know the basics of blogging and would not be so foolish as to waste any of your tribe members’ time with unnecessary goobledygoop because they know what to expect from your site. If they don’t know what to expect from your site and they keep coming back then something is definitely wrong with them. As far as advertising and affiliate marketing goes there are definitely differences in the two, but one thing does remain certain. Internet users are not randomly clicking ads unless they are willing to hear part of the pitch based on their established relationship with you and your site. Bloggers and internet marketers who know what they are doing are the best types to be around during tough economic times such as these. Bloggers and internet marketers ooze with excitement (and enough tech savvy to make it worthwhile).

Bloggers are so optimistic in the face of chaos. Chaos of course being Wall Street’s unraveling and the media’s constant bombardment of fear promotion. These two monsters are teaming up to give us quite a scare. It also happens to be effecting the life blood of our economy, Cash Flow. If you are concerned in the least about cash flow then where ever it looks like there might be some is where the people flock. Blogging has proved itself as a worthy candidate for Gold Rush Industry of the Year. It’s one of the few industries remaining bullish in this recessive economy. Now all we need are the people who have the most money to put it in a place where it can do the most good; none other than into your favorite blogger.

Think about the extra confidence that will be infused into the masses and spread across the internet quicker than new versions of Milli popped up.  Even when I’m not reading blogs about blogging I end up linking back to a blog about blogging from the blog that had nothing to do with blogging except the fact that it is a blog.  Most bloggers realize that you are bloggers and that there is a way to earn revenue as a result of your efforts. Even if you don’t blog about blogging I’m sure you read blogs about blogging and therefore some of your content somehow magically falls into the blogging about blogging category.  Its natural because you are a blogger.  I think its great when blogs that aren’t about blogging end up writing or linking to blogs about blogging.  I think that’s a good idea for a list post:

Top 10 Blogs Not Really About Blogging

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