Working To Improve Self Is Key

by Young Che on October 10, 2008

Guest Post by: Sage Nasiha who stops by from the Wize Wordz camp.

Life never ends with its obstacles and joys right? We all ride the roller coaster of life. Just like the roller coasters at theme parks, my aging body can not take the bumps and rumbling of the ride. Unlike theme park rides, the roller coaster of life is a ride I am committed to ride. In order to have a smoother ride in life, you must prepare yourself with life saving skills. One skill we must develop consistently is self improvement.
The topic of self improvement is sometimes exhausted or never contemplated. I don’t know where you stand on this but look up at the sky. It never is the same. The sun, clouds, wind, moon, humidity, and the variety of the gases which makes up the sky changes everyday. Just like everything we encounter in our lives changes us each day. Our free will as humans gives us the opportunity to cope with life. Our experiences in life can make us better or worse, according to what you learn and implement. The skill of self improvement makes good men and women who are better prepared to cope with life. The term man and woman has no age bearing on it. I know fifty year old men who have a mind of a teenager. At some point in life they decided to stop learning. They decided to stop improving their state of mind and how they react to life. I am not making the notion that you can reach a pinnacle in life where you know it all. The more you learn, the more you learn how much you don’t know. So, life is a cycle.
At birth life begins for us. At that same time the learning process begins. After a certain point in our lives we become complacent. We actually get tired of learning. So, we live with what we know to get us by. I think it’s a fault in which we view how we are educated. Our parents, teachers, professors, friends, and family fill our heads with so much knowledge until we actually give up questioning and being curious about life. We stop being curious about who we are. We stop wondering what makes “me tick” , who am I, how can I become a better person. Do you want to become a better person? Some don’t. Some live life satisfied with where they are, never reaching their full potential. Why don’t we? God has given us life and tools to live: mind, body, and soul. Last, God gave us free will like I mentioned before. Using the power of free will to focus on improving our mind body and soul will guide us to becoming better people. A better world starts with making yourself a better person. So we must make seek self improvement as part of daily life duties.
For now, give yourself an honest test. Think about yourself and what you know you can improve on. Write it down, and everyday for the next week work on improving that one aspect of yourself. At the end of each day write down the steps you took to improve yourself in that one aspect. The following week choose another aspect of your life you seek to improve. Keep your progress written down. Do that for a month, and then review your notes. You will learn a lot about yourself in the process of making yourself a better person. But don’t stop. Not only will you feel like a better person, but your love for self will spread to others around you by making steps towards self improvement.

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