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by Young Che on November 8, 2008

Questlove shares his thoughts after Barack’s victory

Keep Progressing

Check out this Top 10 by Daniel Murphy over at Black Box. Thanks to the guys over at expn’s blog.


The fifteen finalists who will compete in the Race To BE., a competition amongst arts entrepreneurs, have been announced. Hosted by Russell Simmons, Race To BE. is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.


Michelle Obama was right when she talked about feeling proud to be an American for the first time. And white conservatives took it out of context. They assumed that the Black and Latino community who have had the right to vote for the past 40 of the 221 years of this countries existence should kneel and kiss the ground of a land that is only now acknowledging their service and contribution. Read more…

Nike SB Dunk High – Heaven’s Gate Sample

Back in 1997, a small, California-based cult called Heaven’s Gate committed a mass suicide after its leaders
convinced the 38 member to do so. Nike decided to produce a pair of Dunk High SB’s inspired by the
tragedy, but due to a fear of bad publicity, the idea was scraped. Read more…

Economy forces hip-hoppers to be more Self-Reliant

2008 may go down as the year when hip-hop culture finally learned to grow up and stop depending on corporate interests whose priorities are not really the well-being of the music and musicians.  Read more…


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