We Can All Exhale Now – Ahhhhh

by Young Che on November 5, 2008

Even though this is my first year blogging, which is a little weird in and of itself considering I haven’t shared in an open forum like this ever.  Public speaking makes queeze.  The last couple of days leading up to the Presidential Election I couldn’t conjure up anything to write about and didn’t really know why.  Was I overthinking my blogging for bucks strategy 🙂 or did I finally hit my digital wall?

It seems that I was just holding my breath until Obama actually won the election.  I know he was leading in the polls and had done a great job building momentum and excitement leading up to this historical affair but….

It ain’t over until its over and I am relieved and elated beyond measure that my Brother is now President-Elect.  Congratulations.

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