Re-Learn Something New

by Young Che on October 29, 2009

When you stop and take a look around, there are actually boundless opportunities everywhere. I signed up for an entrepreneurship class a couple of weeks ago. The first meeting was less than inspiring and I considered dropping out of the class. I couldn’t make the second class due to a scheduling conflict. The third class was last night and it was truly a challenge for me to actually go to the class. I ran several excuses through my mind until finally I decided to give the class another try. Most of them were arrogant in nature because I couldn’t see the real value of the class because the material seemed like repackaged goods. After this short debate with self I decided to embrace this opportunity to learn something new and benefit from another person’s perspective.

The class was actually pretty engaging on a lot of levels. The class consists of 10 “students/entrepreneurs” and 1 instructor. So far the best thing about the class is the open case studies that are taking place as each participant shares issues they may be faced with and we all offer feedback from the different business experiences we may have had in order to shed light on one another’s business. The thing that stands out the most is the fact that what I take for granted sometimes because it may be something that I do already with my business ventures actually has great impact value to others who may not have been exposed to certain information that I process regularly. And of course this works in reverse because due to listening to their experiences and suggestions they have shed light on at least 3 issues that I’d written off as unsolvable.

And do you know what the best part is? Every person in the class has a real face. Every person has something that they are bringing to the world that they feel a certain way about. Real exchanges are the best.

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