Beautiful Monster

by Young Che on November 4, 2009


Image via: Hugh MacLeod

Interacting with other human beings continues to be a tricky situation for me to pull off. If I could avoid dealing with motherfuckers all together I would but unfortunately the world isn’t set up like that. The worse part is dealing with people who you have no choice but to deal with. My family has always presented problems for me in this area. It’s hard to communicate with people who you have to also live with on a regular basis. You can never truly be brutally honest and in turn you never really want anyone to be brutally honest with you. That’s one of the unwritten laws to making relationships work. You would think that the opposite would be true since sometimes what we need is raw uncut truth in order to make progress. People, me included, would rather believe in fairytales until such a time when reality is forced upon us and then we still look for ways to escape. It takes work to refrain from correcting other people whose lives have both direct and indirect consequences on your own existence. I have to remember to take deep breaths or something before I try to “help” people with their understanding. Most times they don’t want to be helped anyway. And more importantly I have to keep confronting my own truth and my own reality so that I can get beyond believing my own fairytales. I have enough work in front of me trying to overcome my own Inner Whining Artist.

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