Attracting Power 4.1

November 12, 2009

Every human being is like a magnet constantly attracting things and other beings into their lives. The other day I stopped by the New Orleans Public Library in order to return a couple of books and check out some more. As usual I started out in the Sci-Fi section. I can’t seem to shake this […]

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Our Journey

November 11, 2009

The real journey that we all must make is the journey within. We must all travel deep within our own selves in order to learn all there is to know about the universe that we are a part of. We all are products of the universe in which we were created. If you hope for […]

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Beautiful Monster

November 4, 2009

Image via: Hugh MacLeod Interacting with other human beings continues to be a tricky situation for me to pull off. If I could avoid dealing with motherfuckers all together I would but unfortunately the world isn’t set up like that. The worse part is dealing with people who you have no choice but to deal […]

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Re-Learn Something New

October 29, 2009

When you stop and take a look around, there are actually boundless opportunities everywhere. I signed up for an entrepreneurship class a couple of weeks ago. The first meeting was less than inspiring and I considered dropping out of the class. I couldn’t make the second class due to a scheduling conflict. The third class […]

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